Leave It To Beaver!

Beaver Tree Service, LLC

Beaver Tree Service, LLC is a leading provider of qualified tree services in Newaygo County, Michigan and its surrounding area. Throughout our 25 years of doing business, we have utilized our experience and training as arborists to assist home owners and business owners, alike, in taking care of their tree service needs all year round.
Crew - Tree services in Newaygo, MI
Tree Crane - Tree services in Newaygo, MI
Red Truck - Tree services in Newaygo, MI
Firewood - Tree services in Newaygo, MI

We Always Offer

  • All Work Guaranteed
  • Multiple Tree Discount (Three Or More Trees)
  • Senior Citizen Discount
Whether your trees are unhealthy and need to be removed, replaced, or you just need routine maintenance such as trimming, Beaver Tree Service, LLC can handle it. We can also provide heavy duty clearing and excavating as needed, including crane service for removal of dangerous limbs and trees. Call us today at (231) 652-7274 or email us for your free online estimate.
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